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Malachy Chidera

Founder | Baysuit Inc.

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Baysuit has helped my company Belfort properties to generate thousand of leads.

When I lost my partnership with my previous real-estate company I was devastated on how I can start afresh.

Someone referred Baysuit to me, got on a call with them and getting leads has never been any easier

Temi Aniekwe // CEO Belfort Properties

60% increased sales in 45 days

I was skeptical in giving out the contract to the company. 

Baysuit didn't stop at giving me value, they kept sending value added email till I said to myself All this for free?

I have never for a second regretted giving Baysuit the contract.

I can comfortably sell with their strategies 

julia stone // Travel Core

Brand that Says it all and does it right!!

Got on a call with Malachy  las year, We spoke at length on strategies we can implement to double our sales in 90 days.

He assured me growth in sales and they delivered it. We just keep getting leads and closing sales

Umar Abdullahi //  Cosgrove




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