7 Remarketing/Retargeting Tips to Grow Your Online Business In 2021.

Remarketing and retargeting tips
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If you have ever felt you are wasting your money, and time advertising and you are not converting as you want to then you definitely need to consider retargeting and remarketing.

Remarketing is the act of showing ads to prospects who have an interest in products or services you offer and have actually visited your website but couldn’t convert maybe because they weren’t convinced enough or were distracted at that moment. However, it may be the point that your leads didn’t complete the purchase and you have to remind them that they need to purchase or services you offer.

Example: Anna a nursing mother visits your website and wants to buy a pair of jeans, she selects those of interest and on the process of checkout finds her baby playing with the television set and she drops her phone to rescue both the baby and the tv set, she totally forgets she was on the process of buying something and goes to Facebook to reply some messages then on the process see your retargeted ads that offer a 5% discount off, Anna definitely seized that opportunity and returned to complete the payment

Remarketing also is the act of advertising complementary products to an already paying customer, to return back on your website and make more purchases, making them want more of your products.

Example: you sold a converse sneaker to a customer and maybe days later you send an email with tips on how to wear this sneaker with some new clothing outfit that just arrived at your store, with a discount code. Definitely, they might have interests in your offerings.

Without more ado, here are the 7 Remarketing tips you need to grow online

  • Remarketing tip number one: Use copy as a strong compelling tool.
  • Remarketing tip number two: Define your target audience by creating an audience list.
  • Remarketing tip number three: Display products that are relevant.
  • Remarketing tip number four: Offer Discounts and Coupon codes.
  • Remarketing tip number five: Make them take the plunge using urgency.
  • Remarketing tip number six: Persuade cart abandoners to complete checkouts.
  • Remarketing tip number Seven: Monitor your ads performance

Remarketing Tip Number One: Use Copy as a Strong Compelling Tool

remarketing tip 1 compelling copy

It’s high time you stopped using just images as your marketing tool and picked up the armor of content writing. use contents to elaborate more on the products, inform them more about what they are buying and see how it changes your ROI (Return OF Investments).

For instance: Mike wants to buy a Samsung galaxy s12 and comes to your website, sees the product and in the process of checking out he begins to doubt himself if he really needs to get the product now or maybe later. He abandons the cart and surfs the internet and later end up on Facebook, on the course of scrolling down the timeline bumps into your sponsored content “ 7 Reasons you need to get a Samsung Galaxy S12 with 10% discount” mike reads your content and is convinced he really needs to buy the phone and saves 10%

Content has educated Mike more, convinced him that he needs to complete that purchase.

Remarketing Tip Number Two: Define Your Target Audience by Creating an Audience List

You don’t want to retarget a customer who wouldn’t be interested in your product. Make sure you define your target audience as those who need your products.

Group your leads into different demographics, genders, ages, interests. You might choose to retarget people who actually started a specific action and didn’t complete the action, rather than retargeting prospects that just visited your page. Defining your audience helps you narrow your efforts to converting prospects, who will eventually be converted. 70% of well-defined audience converts, which gives ROI for your efforts

Remarketing Tip Number Three: Display Products That Are Relevant

Don’t get things mixed up by displaying irrelevant ads if a prospective lead is looking for a sneaker shoe, you show ads relating to the sneaker, not a laptop set. When setting up a retargeting page for ads, make efforts to deliver contents and images that are related to what a prospect is looking for.

This is also an important aspect when remarketing to a converted prospect who’s now a customer. If he gets a product from you send him emails or ads of other complementing products to improve the previously purchased product. 

For instance, Mike who finally gets a Samsung phone might be interested in protecting his phone screen and body, you definitely want to send him emails or ads of a screen guard and a pouch that will give him the protection he needs.

This keeps customers to need more of your products and return.

Remarketing Tip Number Four: Offer Discounts and Coupon Codes

Discounts are very important in every business you want to sell big no matter how little or big the discount is, humans want to pay for products cheaper than the normal value, that is a good reason people save up for Black Friday to get discounts on what they want, both online or offline stores get a high influx of customers during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Use coupon codes to attract customers.

Remarketing Tip Number Five: Make Them Take the Plunge Using Urgency

Offering discounts or coupon codes with a limited period of time increases my adrenaline rush and incites FOMO (fear of missing out) that I just can’t afford to miss. Reading “last minute deals” and recognizing that I need to make a decision quickly spurs me to take the plunge. I’ve been in situations where I never thought about purchasing stuff because I had a few minutes to complete a deal else I would lose out and pay the full price. I will share my experience of ads with urgency.

Late last year, I was interested in taking a professional course in Udemy and somehow lost interest because of the cost of the course was way too high, then early this year January 5th  I was surfing the web I bumped into an ad that said I could get the course for only $10 if can complete the purchase on or before January 9th 23:59, so I was happy but didn’t take any action because there was still time, I totally forgot it till the 9th around 23:00 then the FOMO drilled into my soul as I picked up my credit card to complete the purchase to my greatest surprise, the course was still the same price the next day but I have already purchased the product because I was scared I will lose out from the deal.

Remarketing Tip Number Six: Persuade Cart Abandoners to Complete Checkouts Process

88% of web buyers ditch their online carts before completing a transaction. Even worse, 70% of these carts are abandoned just before the order is completed. Reading stats like these is incredibly painful for advertisers. you’ve done everything right—captured a qualified visitor, led them to a targeted landing page and showed them products that were so aligned with their needs that they went so far as to add them to their shopping cart—they just didn’t hold up their end of the bargain. Maybe because of one reason or the other

You’ve already invested so much in these prospects; don’t let them forget about the cart! Instead, take a page out and remind them that they never actually completed the check-out process, maybe add some incentives. Sometimes this gentle reminder is all it takes to convince them to come back and convert!

Remarketing tip number Seven: Monitor your ads performance

You definitely want to know how much your ads are performing, to know if you are getting it right or do you need to improve the strategy or totally change an existing strategy. I would advise comparing an A/b testing where you can test different methods and choose which works best for you. Understanding your success starts with understanding the metrics you’ll be analyzing.

When monitoring your ad performance, you’ll notice the following metrics on your dashboard:

  • Clicks – shows when someone clicks your ad, it’s counted here
  • Impressions – an impression is counted each time your ad is served on ad networks, such as Google.com, YouTube, or other publisher websites and apps.
    • Impressions help you understand how often your ad is being seen.
  • Click-through-rate (CTR) – measures how often people click your ad after it’s shown to them, which can help you understand the effectiveness of your ad.
  • Cost – the sum you spend during the campaign period
  • Conversions – shows the number of conversions you received after ad interactions (such as text ad clicks or video ad views).

Go Forth and Make Exploit Retargeting!

I believe that this list inspires you to make more creative retargeting ads. Remember, the more customized they are to your audience, the more impactful they will be. Do you have any brilliant design tips you recommend for remarketing ads? Feel free to share them in the comment section below!

Very passionate when it comes to writing and making sales. I know exactly how to use my pen and get the very best out of anything within sight.

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