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Brand Communication
New ways to make a spark work

Brand Promotion and Communication

Since the world’s first television commercial aired on July 1, 1941, before the beginning of a baseball game in New York between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies, there has been an influx of ads on every channel possible. Radio, TV, print, and film have all been the ideal medium for brands to get across to their audience. The commercial aired was only 10 seconds long and was an advertisement for Bulova watches. It’s believed the commercial was only seen by a few thousand people in the market who happened to have a television at the time.

In recent times, the way brands perceive their audience is different. Branding and communication are transforming today’s marketing atmosphere. It’s no news that communication has become more essential in today’s branding and this is a result of technology birthing a new digital presence.


Communication between people has changed. People have shifted how they want to engage with each other and also how they want to receive brand communication. This has become an eye-opener to the audience. The audience has gotten her power and will to connect and reconnect with brands that are more appealing to their senses. 

brands are trapped because of lack of communication
Brands are looking for ways to make amends to win back her audience attention once more

Are Brands Trapped?

Yes! Of course. That’s the bad news. But hey! There’s a piece of exciting news ahead.


Brands have begun to unlearn and relearn what works. They have begun to understand that they are no longer talking to consumers, they have got to have a conversation with consumers. The old business model of pushing messages and products to consumers is essentially the thing of the past. People no longer want to be interrupted by brands ad they want to be inspired and drawn to brands. 

The old communication is wearing out and has given the power to the audience. Customers are now liable to question the authenticity of brands, they have been given the power to choose and their will to be selective in choosing brands has been heightened.

But what’s today’s brand saying?

creating a Brand communication skill
Create a difference, learn, unlearn and relearn your audience

I bet you, today’s brand is thankful for this new medium. The new business brand is keying into the possibilities of interacting with their audience through social media. A great brand understands that word of mouth travels and is a motivator of consumer purchase behavior. With social media discussions, search engine reviews, there are many ways for customers to share their experiences with their friends.

This new way of brand communication has offered a dynamic two-way conversation between the brand and the consumers. Before now, traditional marketing such as TV, radios, print, etc. has always been at the forefront. They dictate to consumers and appeal to a little sense of the consumers. They were less competition between brands or perhaps, monopoly of certain products. The consumers after a long, tiring day sit in front of the television to only receive information about a brand. They listen to all brands have to say without given the opportunity to air their fears, distaste, and feedback about a product. This method was a one-way conversation.

This new branding and communication don’t pass through a mono-channel anymore. It has thrown an understanding of a new way in which brands are adopting to look at the world and engage with their audience.

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