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why business plan what is the purpose of a business plan why business plan is important

Why Business Plan? 6 Reasons Why Business Plan is Important

Why business plan? We often time skip the most important thing because we see no reasons why. A business plan is important for…
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social media story telling

An Ultimate Guide How To Build Your Brand Identity Through Storytelling

Storytelling is the interactive art of using words and actions to reveal the elements and images of a story while encouraging the listener's…
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How To Become A Social Media Influencer

How To Become A Social Media Influencer In 2021

Influencer marketing is one of the ice-breaking marketing strategies that most people are involved in, even companies are not left out.
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7 Remarketing/Retargeting Tips to Grow Your Online Business In 2021.

Remarketing is the act of showing ads to prospects who have an interest in products or services you offer and have actually visited…
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how to use instagram to market your business

5 Ways How To Build Your Business On Instagram

Every day, millions of people use Instagram to connect with whatever that resonates with their passion and interest as well as fuel their…
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customer relationship management

How To Build A Better Customer Relationship And Management Service

Customer service relationship and management is an area that small business owners easily overlook when they're trying to balance priorities.
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