6 Critical Implications of Digital Marketing; the Good and the Bad

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Digital Marketing is the most powerful way to increase the traffic approach to your business. The Implications of digital marketing has never been more important for brand development – but this can be of several advantages or disadvantages, the choice is yours.

The way we go about daily life has changed with light speed in recent years as a result of the development of digital technology. The Internet, in particular, has changed countless industries, but few as drastically as marketing.

According to vocabulary, An implication is something that is suggested or happens, indirectly. Implications are effects or consequences that may happen in the future.

Here are several implications on how digital marketing can affect your brand and why that matters so much in today’s online advertising world.

The Good

Powershift to the audience

implications of digital marketing, power to the audience

The first time in human history, companies with money are in a level ground with small companies and at the mercy of customers and the audience. The audience is in charge of choosing what they want to purchase and whom to purchase from. The birth of the internet made it easier for customers to choose several service providers before making a purchase.

Consumers are now more in control than ever, social media has provided a far more level playing field in which everyone has access to a huge market online. Brand communication and customer service have become a vital role in any company, this is to build a relationship with the prospects or customers, and increase sales. Companies like Namecheap, Baysuit have used customer management service. to win customers over from the big dogs, making them leave pleasant reviews.

Everyone is online

Unlike the traditional marketing setup that could only reach those who can afford the medium of communication like a tv, radio set, and lots more. Digital marketing has made it very possible to target individuals that have any device that could access the internet.
According to invespcro, over 3.01 billion people use the internet, making it easier for digital marketers to target and reach the audience of choice, segmenting them into different demographics. This implies that digital marketing gives you more reach to the audience interested in your product or service.

Transparency between the customers and brand 

Companies understand the implications of being transparent and public. It allows the companies to keep transparency between the customers and brand which helps the customers to know about the brand with which they are interacting and purchasing. This brings loyalty to customers for the brand and helps in building the company’s personality and trust online.

The bad

Breach of privacy

information sharing is one of the biggest problems associated with digital marketing, companies pay other companies with large customer databases to sell customer’s information. Companies like Facebook have been repeatedly accused of chipping away at users’ privacy, selling to paying customers for reasons best known to them. 

These days companies invade your privacy and private space trying to sell something to you. Most time you never subscribed for such service.

Too much noise

Consequences of breach of privacy have made digital marketing a very noisy and annoying means of advertisement. Sometimes I become blind of ads consciously that now I subconsciously ignore ads unless they are very captivating 

Drift in change

The internet world changes every moment, you might be trying to adapt a particular marketing strategy without knowing the strategy is becoming obsolete. By the time I click publish on this article, some of the information here will even be obsolete — such is the pace of the digital marketing industry. This is a very negative impact as companies can’t predict what’s coming in the next few months.

In summary, when considering venturing into digital marketing, you might want to consider some implications and how to play these cards to work in your favor, use the good ones to work in your favor, and avoid the bad to be on a safer side.

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