10 Strategic Ways To Come Up With Content Ideas For Your Blog.

Getting content ideas have never been easy
Everyone at some point has a fierce battle with writer’s block. And no matter how much they try they are stuck with content Ideas

Writing can be refreshing if there are a lot of content ideas to work on. Everyone at some point has a fierce battle with writer’s block. And no matter how much they try they are stuck.

Sometimes you just sit, trying to write… and no matter how much your pen is scribbled on your sheet, words don’t come alive on your pages. And sometimes when it does, it takes a lot of time to get these idea juices running through the tips of your fingers.

I totally understand and I empathize with you.

I have once been in these shoes and it’s not an interesting experience especially when you have lots of interest to cover and most especially when you keep your audience waiting for the next bang of words.

I have been asked several times, “how do you come up with content ideas for your blog post?”

This is why I am giving you a dose of how to knack off writer’s block and come up with brilliant ideas that will make your customers come alive… get stuck on your pages… and always want what you offer.

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That being said, here are the 10 ways to come up with brilliant ideas for your blog

1. Create a topic calendar:

I am stunned when I ask writers to show me their calendar and they are like… 

“what do you mean?”

Your content calendar should consist of topics generated over time. When you are ready to write, it’s totally a waste of time for your brain and fingers to move in circles. You should be able to devote an ample of your time to draft out topics for about a month or two.

These topics are also prone to changes. When you are ready to write, all you have to do is to check your topic calendar and start your research. This however saves time.

2. Forums:

Forums are a great place for content generation. It is an online site where people can host discussions and conversations. Questions are frequently asked and answers are given to these questions. You can run through this discussion house to know what your set of the audience are talking about… what bothers them, and what solution they need. This will give you an insight on how to attend to the needs of your audience.

They are specific forums such as <dreamincode> and general forums such as Quora and nairaland.

Here’s a snapshot of dreamincode.


3. YouTube Industry Videos:

This is one idea generation means that so many people overlook. You can source for industry videos and subscribe to it. Listen to new concepts and topics that you think you need to embellish by adding greater value. And, it is essential to go through the comment section, this is because you will see thoughts and questions that need to be answered or better still shed more light on. It gives you a boatload of ideas for you to start feeding your audience with.

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4. Google Search Suggestions:

I know you wouldn’t believe it and I am 100% sure that you have overlooked this glaring way to generate ideas for your content. You can take a look at the Google suggestions they may help you.

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5. Competitor’s Website:

This is one brilliant way that I tap into a whole lot. Now by this, I am not saying you should plagiarize the work of your competitor… Instead, you should take your research eyes and feast on their website and know what’s working, what’s their writing style, and how their audience is responding to their blog posts.

The sweet thing about this is that it gives you all the benefits. Why?

You can now read and find loopholes as well as research stronger to beat what has been written before. And of course, tweak your headlines to be more attention-grabbing.

6. Product Reviews:

You can pick up a product that you sell or inline with your industry and write extensively on it. This can come after you have found unique ways to present these products to your audience.

7. Topic Generation Websites:

So many people don’t know these kinds of websites exist. But now you know better. 

There are 3 billion Google searches every day, and 20% of those have never been seen before. Topic generation websites like answer the public are like a direct line to your customers’ thoughts… and it’s easy and effective to use.

content idea from answer the public

8. Personal Success Stories:

People are drawn to stories. When you succeed people are drawn by default to know how you climbed the ladder, how you prevailed, and moved ahead. You can turn your personal stories of success or even in your industry into the content.

9. Surveys:

If you are not really sure of your customers’ struggle and what ticks them, ask them. Ask them what changes they want, how they want it, and what they look forward to expecting. Don’t overdo it. Make it simple for answers to be answered easily without being overlooked.

getting content idea from survey

10. Content Idea from Influencers Feeds and Comments:

You can follow up on your favorite industry influencers and see what they are posting. Run through the comments to see frequent questions that are asked and they are answered, unanswered or probably not well answered. Any of the categories your ideas generation falls into. Write out these questions asked, research, and answer them in your content for your audience.


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    • gmo
    • April 15, 2021

    Its all very well in practice but it will never work in theory.

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    • Francis Okwue
    • September 24, 2020

    Great, principles get it done.

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