10 Simple Steps How To Write Contents That Sells Screets Exposed

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How to write contents that sell
Illustration by Freepik Storyset: Content writing is the process of planning, writing, and editing web content for digital marketing purposes.

Writing is an everyday activity, seen daily all over the media. The fact is, some writers have distinguished themselves from others on how they write content that sells. I know you will like to know how they were able to pull through, I will soon show you the steps they followed in reaching such a milestone. How To Write Contents

The writing I want to talk about is content writing. What is Content Writing? Content writing is the process of planning, writing, and editing web content for digital marketing purposes. It also includes writing blog posts and articles, scripts for videos and podcasts, as well as content for different social media platforms.

Content writing is a major part of digital marketing and a lucrative one too. If done properly, content marketing offers a higher ROI than paid ads. Studies have shown that over 80% of businesses use content marketing to generate leads and drive sales. You can choose to work from home, make your schedules, work as much or as little as you want, without resorting to a 9 to 5 job, in a nutshell, you are the boss but the majority hardly achieve all these because they don’t know the principles involved or do not follow the principles. Writing content that sells will require you to develop the necessary skills involved and practice them daily until you are good at it.

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Factors To Consider When Creating Content How to write contents that sell

Factors To Consider When Creating Content
Every writer wants his or her content to sell but sometimes find it difficult to achieve.

There are various factors to consider before creating content. Content that stands out requires a well-designed strategy and an understanding of how to create mind-blowing blog posts.

Below are a few factors to consider if you want to create outstanding content.

Develop An Outline

Developing an outline is the first step to take in content writing. An outline would make you write in an organized way than writing in a confused way. It will also help you to build the content structures so well. You can develop an outline by using the hint from previous content you have written or go online and search for the best way to create an outline. An ideal outline should consist of the subject, the body, and the conclusion.

Create Valuable Content

Your readers should be your utmost priority, so the need to add value to your content is very important. Before you start writing, ask yourself this question, “how will this content affect my target audience”? If you can answer this question, then you know you are good to take off. Just imagine your content adding value to the readers, by providing a solution to their problems, providing advice on personal issues, and feeding them with something new always, the result of this is that you will generate more leads for yourself or the company you work with, boost their revenue generation and increase trust by your audience.

Graphics and Visual Content

The days of using only words to compel people to action or create a sales message have passed. The fact is, more than 60% of the world’s population prefer video content and eye-catchy graphics to texts. So, as a content writer, you need to consider this and learn how to create videos you can use to convey your message more often and grab the attention of the audience.

Use of Keywords That Connect

Keywords are important to content marketing. Searching for the right keywords that connect to your audience and provide the best result is necessary. You can’t just pick up a topic and start writing, you must be able to make research and find the most relevant ones to build on. Always track keyword ranking to get the best keywords for your content, search engines make this possible. Use Buzzsumo to get relevant keywords.

Grammar Construction and Spelling

Writing good content entails putting the words and sentences in order, this means that you have to know the ” dos and don’ts” of the English Language, know the proper way to use punctuations and the rule of “concord” between words. This is paramount to your reputation as a writer. Writing badly over time renders an article meaningless irrespective of the good ideas you have in your mind. So, it is good to check the spelling of words after writing, that is, edit again and again. Grammarly is a tool that can help checkmate your writing.

Make Your Content Easy To Read, and Comprehend

Content that is easy to read and comprehend can be shared with a wider audience, thereby giving you more advantage. Being a good content writer doesn’t come from the use of ambiguous words and use of jargon but it comes from using words that are easily digestible by your target audience. Make your content-rich and entertaining to grab their attention. Choose interesting topics, formats, layouts, and visuals to keep your audience glued to your content for a long time. You wouldn’t want to be the too serious guy, especially when making video content, you can smile or bring humor into it.

Step-by-step guide on how to write contents that sells

Step-by-step guide on how to write content that sells
There are various factors to consider before creating content

Every writer wants his or her content to sell but sometimes find it difficult to achieve. It is not an easy thing to achieve but implementing this step-by-step guide properly can make you achieve your desired goal.

1. Choose an eye-catchy topic

Choosing an interesting topic is important in writing. There is every possibility of writing well and still do not have people to read what you have written, all because of how boring your topic is. The first way to engage your audience is through your headline because that is the first place their eyes go to, imagine doing it wrong here, you will lose them perhaps forever. Your topic should be based on things that are happening, that is, the new trends, and not on things that have happened in the last decade unless you are writing on history. Your topic should be able to add new information to your audience, interesting and not the same old information they are used to. How to write contents that sell

2.  Have a Captivating Hook

After choosing your topic, the next thing is the hook. When the hook is great, it generates more interest and shares. The hook is what connects your audience to your writing, it is what makes them open an article or email to read the content. A reader may not open an article to go through the content but because of the first impression he felt from the hook will get captivated and thereby share the content with others and keep looking up to more articles from you. Step-by-step guide on how to write contents that sells

3.   Research

Proper research on a given topic is important, even though you are an expert in a given field. The research will help you to have an in-depth knowledge of the topic you want to write about and understand it better. It also helps to provide a handful of resources to write good content. Research also helps you to know highly ranked keywords by google and gives you insight on how to go about yours.

4.   Be Original Always

Don’t copy someone else’s work and term it yours, it is called “plagiarism”. Even though you want to write someone’s content, acknowledge the person’s work by fixing the backlink or reference. This doesn’t mean you can create each word by yourself, after all, there is no topic you want to write on that has not been written by someone else but the reason for research is to have an idea on how to write well. Try as much as possible to be original.  Step-by-step guide on how to write contents that sells

5.  Exercise Authority In Your Niche

Don’t ever write if you are under pressure or persuasion to write, enjoy every bit of it. Do not ever write with fear because your audience will see it or feel it from the tone of the writing. Be so confident about your writing, take authority in your niche, and make the best out of it because it will make people trust you more and partner with you in subsequent times.

6.   Good Storytelling

Statistics have shown that good storytelling captivates the attention of an audience the more. Everyone likes a story and would want to roll with you to the end.

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Content with stories sells out more than the normal text. So, make your story more interesting and generate more money and traffic. 

7.   Keep Reading

There is a good thing about reading and that is, it brings more ideas to you. When you stop reading, misinformation sets in.

Reading helps you to:

  • Know more
  • Have more ideas
  • Know more relevant keywords
  • Have more resource materials
  • Become an expert in your niche and gain authority

8.   Develop A Good Strategy

A good strategy entails relevant and goal-oriented means to make yourself the best. No expert in content writing made it without a plan, they laid out a plan that worked for them. You must have a calendar that contains your writing schedules give yourself a time limit and set your focus on your desired goal. Sacrifice and discipline are worth it.

9.   Get A Proof-reader/Editor

Get someone to edit your work for you. Doing both the writing and editing yourself might cause some distractions but when you have a professional do it for you, it will save you a lot. The editor will take his time to check for grammatical errors, misuse of punctuation marks, and irrelevant words so that at the end, you will have a well-arranged work.

10.   Call To Action

This is important for every business and it should not be under-estimated. There should always be a call to action at the end of your article, this doesn’t mean you are being too persuasive. This can come in the form of opt-in formats to write their emails to download an e-book, schedule an appointment, gain access to more newsletters. It can also come in the form of sharing different social media platforms with the readers to share to gain more engagement.


Content writing as a major part of digital marketing requires good content and this is very important in the business world.

With the factors and step-by-step guide listed above, every content writer should be able to write content that sells to generate more money and leads.

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